Ubiquitous Computing

"Ubiquitous Computing is a concept in software engineering and computer science where computing is made to appear anytime and everywhere."

Current Developments

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Mobile is eating our world by Benedict Evans

Comprehensive analysis with lots of stats of how mobile is "eating" or already ate our world.

In the New Era of Computing Imagination Rules by Kerrie Holley

Brief look at the new era of computing and its implications for businesses.

Things That Make Your Life Smart by Producthunt

Curated list of internet of things products that will make your life smarter.

The Silicon Valley's fastest growing companies succeed because they aren’t focused on selling by Vivek Wadhwa

How top Silicon Valley firms are already focused on building platforms instead of selling products.

Associated Trends and Topics

# InternetofThings: all sorts of objects connected to the internet [read more]

# Smartphones: the increasing dissemination of smartphones [read more]

# Wearables: miniature electronic devices that are worn under, with or on top of clothing [read more]

# AmbientIntelligence: bringing intelligence to our everyday environments [read more]

# Networks: increasing bandwidth, speed and coverage worldwide [read more]

The Internet of Things Landscape in 2016

ubiquitous computing

Google's Take on Ubiquitous Computing