Rising Inequality

Economic inequality is the difference found in various measures of economic well-being among individuals in a group, among groups in a population, or among countries.

Current Developments

Read this to shift your mind

This cartoon explains how the rich got rich and the poor got poor by Alvin Chang

Simple but informative overview of facts and figures regarding income and wealth inequality in the U.S.

Runaway Inequality's Strangehold on our Future by Lucy Ingham

Great article about the perception regarding inequality, what's causing it and its implications

Neoliberalism - The Ideology at the Root of All Our Problems by George Monbiot

Explains the root cause of rising inequality - Neoliberalism

An Economy for the 1% by Oxfam

Oxfam's January 2016 report on the state of inequality in the world

Associated Trends and Topics

# Neoliberalism: Enhancing the role of the private sectore in the economy through economic liberalization policies [read more]

# Automation: The technique, method, or system of operating or controlling a process by highly automatic means, reducing human intervention to a minimum [read more]

# RacialEquality: An equal regard to all races [read more]

# GenderEquality: The view that everyone should receive equal treatment and not be discriminated against based on their gender [read more]

# BasicIncome: An income unconditionally granted to all on an individual basis, without means test or work requirement [read more]

# Globalisation: The process by which the world is becoming increasingly interconnected as a result of massively increased trade and cultural exchange [read more]

How Economic Inequality Harms Societies by Richard Wilkinson