A New Reality

Augmented, Virtual, Immersive and Mixed Reality are all leading to a world in which the physical and the digital sphere increasingly merge together. Humanity is finding itself at the dawn of a new reality.

Current Developments

  • 2016 is considered the year when Virtual Reality becomes mainstream as several companies are launching their powerful VR headsets, games and cameras
  • More powerful smartphones (in terms of computation, integrated sensors, etc.) and the incredibly broad dissemination of these devices are the key factors why AR-games like Pokemon Go are so massively successful now
  • While Virtual Reality will lead revenues over the next 2 years, the future will definitely be Augmented or Mixed Reality
  • 360-videos on Facebook or YouTube are increasingly used by brands, news agencies or individuals to provide exciting, immersive viewing experiences
  • VR/AR will become a new major media platform. It has massive potential to impact how peoplework, learn, play, exercise, communicate, transact, socialize, and consume content
  • Increasingly, we will see a shift from 2D content (e.g. a website) to 3D content

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